jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

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domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Invitation from Dr Leon Gerner

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sábado, 17 de julio de 2010

Bases científicas del abrazo desde el nacimiento a bailar Tango con sistema Tangobica

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Asunto: El abrazo del nacimiento a bailar Tango con sistema Tangobica
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Mensaje de mediconatural@gmail.com:
 Tangobica is a natural system I created to dance Tango while  producing  the biggest possible impact on Health and wellness. It is based on scientific facts.In this presentation we studied the importance of embrace from birth
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Dr Leon Gerner
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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Tangobics, what is ?

Definition of what is Tangobics or Tangotherapy and it's importance in health
Tangobics is something we started in Uruguay. It is a special psycho-physical-emotional kind of exercise based on selected Tango music with the purpose of improving or reversing a wide range of diseases, symptoms, and sensations produced mainly , but not only, by the effects of negative stress ( distress) and the negative emotions that it conveys to the body. It is possible to be used by people of all ages starting from kids to old age.

The application of this technic for health purposes requires a team for the initial evaluation of a Medical Doctor, a psychologist and Tango teachers. (in Uruguay ; Leon Gerner, medical doctor ; the psychologist: Karina Cafasso; and Tango teachers Gonzalo and Laura).

It all starts with an initial evaluation based on strictly scientific facts . The initial evaluation, that we designed, and called "The complete Scan Test"® , includes questions about all aspects of body- mind-emotions, habits, foods and others. We specially emphasize on those diseases and symptoms produced by circumstances that are perceived as stressful by certain person. The initial evaluation includes, what is now our well known, special evaluation that we also designed," Bioclock Test"® . This measures the biological age compared to chronological age, and finally the "Personal Resources and Weaknesses Evaluation" All this tests get a numerical value section by section and an overall result which may be mathematically compared in future evaluations of progress obtained by Tangobics or Tango-a- therapy in Tango and health which in turn are one of the tools of the more general "Coach for Living healthily" Program. Tangobics, is based on original traditional Tango music, is danced in couples and is based on selected original Tango musics- selected for the best musical therapeutic effect and with a simplified choreography.